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Who the Hell is Robin Lalande?

For the last several months, say 6. I've gotten emails from these Classmates or Reunion .com sites saying that Robin Lalande is looking for me. Who the hell is this person? I figured it was crap when I use to get it in my business email. Then I got one today in my personal email box. Now that was interesting. The only Robin I knew was a girl who I had a crush on in middle school. I asked her out and she turned me down. For some reason the crush stayed for a few years probably because I was nuts. Her last name was not Lalande.

So I did what any sane person would do. I looked the name up on Google. There was a big hit for someone on Facebook. Hey I should of thought of that. Anyway it's some singer in Canada. Okay? Nothing else was dead on. I guess it will be a unsolved mystery since I'm not forking the money over to see that this person is looking for me turn out to be a sham to get my money. If the person is really looking for me they can easily find my number if they found my email address.

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Well, I'm also Robin, but you know that isn't me, and I don't have that last name.

I keep getting them from someone, also, but I know her, online but I know her. She accidently sent hers out to everyone in her address listing. Oops!


Hi Mike,
I get those notifications all the time, too. They're always variations on a theme "Look how many people are searching for you, find out who they are and blah, blah, blah." But you always have to pay for the privilege. I never do, for the same reason you mention in your post. It's easy enough if someone is really looking for you for them to run a google search and contact you directly.


I don't believe in those websites. In this day and age, if someone really wants to find you, she would give Facebook and Myspace a try first. People that have found me did it through Myspace and it was free.


Your blog is really interesting... Keep posting.... Wishing you " A Happy New Year''


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