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I was very happy to hear from Eric today. I use to ask him if everything is okay, but I don't need him to put him on the spot and repeat my ex's lame ass excuses. He was doing well, but he got sick on the field trip to see the Christmas show at Rockefeller Center. This happens often with him. I know its nerves, but I can't put my finger on the cause. Unless it goes back to when they flew out of here when we the marriage ended. A mystery to solve to help him.

I decided to get a Sonicare toothbrush again. I use to have one when I was married. I got one for both my ex and me, but she never used it. I have no clue what happened to mine. I thought it was in a box in storage with the rest of my bathroom stuff, but I was wrong. Since it's $500 for the cleaning I need from the dentist which I can't afford. I figured a higher class of toothbrush was in order to hopefully hold anything off.

I found out that the library is one of Tech girl's favorite place when I was visiting it today. She has a silly sense of humor that I'm enjoying. I'm looking forward to seeing her tomorrow and I've already been informed that she doesn't just invite anyone to her home.

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Yay @ hearing from Eric! It's about time! Going to the library will be a cheap date. LOL... I don't let men into my apartment either. A girl's gotta be careful about whom she lets into her life. Not all people are trustworthy. don't scare her off! XX


So glad you found me and led me here... It's great to "meet" single dad bloggers and I see we have similar tastes (The Quest for T!).

Hey, why don't you get dental insurance? It cuts the cleaning bill to almost nil.


I heard somewhere...obviously in the streets somewhere where people were likely selling crack, that a sonicare can literally rub away, eventually, your tooth enamel.


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