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Sane Friends

Hi from the Beach

I'm not quite sure how it is by you, but it's 75 and sunny here. I'm still getting all the sand off me from my walk on the boardwalk and beach. The singles and I went to the Contemporary Art Museum today. I've passed it so many times in the last 5 years and always say I should stop. So I made it an event to do so. It was interesting. While modern art isn't my favorite it was a nice place. They needed at least 1 more exhibit hall to make it worth it though. Since we were finished with it so fast I suggested the walk on the boardwalk.

Facebook girl contacted me again yesterday. I didn't think I would hear back from her. However throughout the day we would chat. Last night we flirted a lot which was fun. I doubt if I will ever date her, but who knows. However as dating usually brings things up in me. This brings up a reoccurring problem. Women who are interested in me before I'm interested in them. Yes I know I'm nuts. However this creates an attraction in me for that woman whether I want it or not. I guess it hits that part of me that is still damaged that says I'm unlovable or something. So when I meet that attraction I become like a moth to the flame. Just like Gym girl who was eyeballing me yesterday. She's too young for me and there's nothing there for me to connect to. However I know she's interested in me.

So back to the problem at hand. I really haven't found a way to deal with this yet. Saying I'm grateful that she likes me just feeds into the whole unlovable angle. I tell you it's a nice high from it, but I would like to be able to keep my wits about me. I become very reactionary which I don't like. I like making conscious choices.

Well the nakedness has to come to an end. My landlord should be back today or in the next few. So back to closing doors and no more clothes optional. Oh well. The good thing is that we're running out of food.

Tonight the singles and I are off to the Funny Bone for more comedy. Till then I'm going to try and figure out Facebook. Stop by if you like.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
Sounds like great weather. I feel badly for people who have been walloped by winter weather. We've had a bit of a cold snap in Santa Monica but nothing too bad.


Women clearly are interested in you, and that is a good thing :)


It is totally liberating to walk around the house naked without having to worry about the roommate. It's too bad that has to end for you. Don't tell your landlord, as he doesn't need to know about your bare ass touching the furniture, haha.

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