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Sane Friends

'Ere We Go Again

I think I'm not meant to get out of the dating pool. A few years ago German girl contacted me on MySpace. Because of summer schedules with Eric and her vacation we never got to connect for a while. So when there was no chemistry, we had been communicating so long we stayed friends. I have to admit we stay in better contact then most of my friends.

Anyway my friends have talked me into Facebook. I really don't get these sites. I only keep my MySpace page for free Funnybone tickets. Anyway I do keep in contact with a few people on Facebook. So when I got an invite to be some one's friend I figured it's like the 20 different sex ones I get with MySpace. However it's a woman from NY. I don't see the harm so I say yes. These leads to a bunch of conversing and some flirting. One thing I don't do it this for a long time. So I asked her out for Starbucks tomorrow. She said tomorrow wasn't good, but another time. I told her let me know when she was available and left it at that. Nothing lost. If we ever go out I'll give her a nickname. And I thought I would be single for a while.

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Hi Mike,
Good luck with the Facebook girl ... sounds intriguing!


Yo. I'm on facebook. It's meant to be a business networking tool, I think.

I can't figure out how to use it. I'm clueless. Search for me and say "hi".

It'll be funny. Your comment on my blog was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!


Mike, 6 yrs ago I was on several internet dating sites and met and kissed a lot of frogs. While it is my personal opinion that most women are on there to meet their prince charming, most of the men are on there to get laid.

After a year I met the special one, the one who stole y heart. It was touch and go the first 4 months but we stuck it out and got to know each other. Almost 6 yrs later and we're still "dating" and all is well.

Good luck with FaceBook Girl!

Estela in South TX


Ihink when you are available, stuff just happens :)

Hope that you had a good Christmas, Mike !


Totally addicted to Facebook. I do think it's less of a hookup "scene" than MySpace. I could be wrong about that, though. The fun thing about it, IMO, is keeping up with all your friends' status updates. It's a good way to stay connected with folks, albeit superficially.


Goo* for you at taking a break! If it is going to happen, there is no stopping it!

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