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Nugget of Triumph

Tech girl met me at my place for our date. I'm so use to going to there places that it's a little weird when women come to my place. So I showed her around and then we settled down to talk. I was massaging her feet when she dropped a huge, juicy piece of information. You see the Photographer and Tech girl are in another Meetup group together. They had dinner together Thursday night. I had wondered if they would talk, but didn't worry since it was the past. If became a problem then a red flag would be raised. Anyway the Photogarpher has a blurting issue so she asked Tech girl if I had told her that we had dated. ???? Whatever. So she wanted to make sure that Tech girl knew the problem with me. Any guesses? Should I wait till the next entry?

The reason she dumped me was that I was too nice of a guy. She couldn't deal with it. That's why she likes Gameboy. There's no real commitment, he's a bit of an ass, and if he ever had her meet his kids she would bail. Her words not mine. My day was made. You don't usually get this kind of prize with and ex and I savored it. Tech girl said she spent a bit of time explaining to the Photographer that me being a nice guy was a good thing and that she was looking for something more meaningful than a bit of an ass. LMAO.

Tech girl had a bunch of gift cards to PF Changs so she took me there for lunch where we enjoyed their lettuce wraps and wok seared lamb. Both very yummy. We did some picking around the remnants of Linen & Things, but it was pretty much picked clean. Then with full bellies we headed back to my place for a nap.

Our talk to hold off on sex went right out the window. It's been a while since I've been with a woman that is as sexual as I am or more so. I was pleasantly surprised and quite a change from what I'm use to. We were a little late to game night.

Afterwards we stopped at Wendy's for some fries since Tech girl had a craving for them. Then back to my place to watch Somethings Gotta Give which she had never seen before. Not quite sure how much of it she saw this time. By the time everything was done and over with it was late so I had someone to snuggle with for the night. After the Planner and her sleeping habits it was nice to hold someone close while sleeping. The only bad thing was the 6 am wake up for Tech girl to go to church. At least she made it out of here by 7:30.

The truly funny thing I hear from you ladies is not farting in front of the guys you are with and having abdominal issues when they leave. Boy did I have that this morning. I didn't think I farted that much during the night. Oh well learn something new every day.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

I feel like I just read my own blog. ha ha

PS: I can't believe you got those pics from POF. Lordy.


can't believe you farted that much? LOL... Grosssssss... We get no respect!!!!! LOL


My husband calls it a "puff". I told him there is no puff about the stuff that comes from his vicinity, LOL.


My boyfriend farts, mine are lovingly called "air bubbles".

Estela in South TX


I've been broken up w/ before for being too nice. Oh, well. It's best to have someone appreciate us for who we are, eh? (Alright, I'm also less of a pushover these days, but I'm still at heart a nice person. I think that's similar to how you are.) Hmmm, the talk went out the window, eh. Well, I'm hoping that this is a treasured good relationship, Mike. (I'm ignoring the gross fart references.)

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