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In the Name of Love

I was going to text my ex, but I think I'll write a letter instead. Most would probably think it's "let me talk to my son" letter, but it's not. Eric is like me, physical touch means love. When we're together he wants to wrestle, a massage, or just to lie against me on the couch. I think that's what made my teenage years even more horrible. I was moved down to the bottom of the totem pole when my Mom's BF came into the picture.

Anyway I want to make sure he's getting enough at home so he doesn't go looking for it any place else. My ex and her family are not a very physical family. With me she went up and down, but it was always work for her.

This brings me to Tech girl. We texted back and forth last night jokingly until she asked if I wanted to call to wish her goodnight. So we talked a while. It was funny we both realized during the day how much we had talked and on topics that we don't talk to other people about. We both agreed that we tone down our talking to match the people in our lives and it was nice to not have to. Tech girl likes that I'm very easy to talk to which I've heard many times before. I think she really loves the quality time we had together. The problem for me is that she wasn't physical with me like she was Saturday night. This made me realize why I felt so safe with Aroma girl, Planner, and the Photographer. They were all physical women. Touch was big for them like it is for me.
I'll take the lead with Tech girl Sunday when we get together. However I have to admit this is a problem for me. Spontaneous love happens for up the first 2 years of a relationship. After that it's work to keep it going and growing. If it's not natural for you in the beginning will it always be a problem. I don't have any answers, I'm just more conscious of what drives me. So I'll have to see what happens.
An interesting thing was the end of our phone call last night was not the way she wanted or expected. I could tell when I was getting off. I had already wished her a good night sleep and I would talk to her today, but there was a pause on her side. Like she was waiting for something. For the life of me I don't know what.

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maybe you don't know YET if she is physical or not or do you? Is it one of the things you have openly discussed already? If not, maybe you can not know yet... not everybody sets in their final behaviors so fast... some take several weeks... a deeper knowledge of a person...

As far as the phone call goes, maybe she was not waiting for YOU to say something, but maybe she got silent because SHE was hesitating to say something and didn't say it... like "I'm happy I met you" or something personal who knows?


Isn't communication one of best and worst tools? It would be funny if both of you were feeling the same way. I wonder if she was going around the day wondering why you seemed to pause, lol. A mystery that may never be solved! Best wishes.


Me thinks thou movest too fast. You want to scare her away? Take your time. I love a lover with a slow hand. LOL


ps... thanks for this pic. I ma*e it into a tag! LOL


Who knows what she really meant, but it seems to me that she hesitated because she probably wasn't ready for you to get off the phone yet. Especially if everything is still new. She may have hesitated because she wanted to tell you something sweet but felt embarrassed in actually doing it.

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