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After my wondering of bells and whistles with Tech girl over the weekend I ran into a bells and whistles girl this morning. I was going to my new business meeting that I'm overseeing. She was searching for something in the lobby. I smiled as I went for the elevator and she smiled back. Then she attached herself to me (Not physically). She's scared of elevators. So I was her knight in shining armor for the ride up. She was attractive and if I had to scale her on a quick checklist to ask out I would say a 9-10. I realized on the ride up that I had the bells and whistles with her, but also a level of anxiety that I forget goes with it. While I still maybe attracted to the flame I also know somewhere that it also burns. I don't want to play with fire anymore.

I think I have the answer to an age old dating question of mine. I talked about this topic more when I was on AOL since it hasn't come up in a while. Anyway I texted Tech girl when I got home last night to tell her I was home safe and thank her for the evening. Anyway I didn't hear back from her last night which is a little weird since she always states that she is the night owl. She texted me this morning that she was out like a light after I left and she joked that I wore her out. Something she has said after all our dates. When I first started dating again after I separated from my ex. Many women said I wore them out and we weren't sexual or doing anything physical. Some of these women even ended it with me because of it. I was always at a lost as to why. I asked friends and no one ever had an answer. So when Tech girl said it today I think I finally had my answer. It's my own point of view, but I know when I'm with a woman that satisfies me emotionally I just relax. It's like being a kid again and you know everything is okay. A large portion of worry just drops away that I'm not even aware of. Since last Wednesday and our first date I've slept better and been more relaxed than I normally am. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Oooh. Good post. I like that analogy. How do you find the excitement without the drama/fire that goes with that?


It's a very plausible one. Or, is it emotionally draining to some extent?

Anyway, you could always inquire with her just what specifically she thinks is wearing her out.

And, yes, sometimes the more "I can be me" relationship is better. Now, to find that WITH bells and whistles ...!

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