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Feeling My Age

The weekend with Tech girl left me feeling my age. Sex, 3 times in 12 hours has become rough for me. I'm more accepting of it than I was 2 years ago when I was dating L. That's when I first started seeing changes in my sex life. Although I have to admit each woman I date has a very different level of sex drive. So what I'm use to is low while Tech girl's is high. Hopefully like sports I can work back up. However this is where the bells & whistles plays in for me. While love is slow and enjoying the ride. Lust is up against the wall passion that is low here. So again it's virgin territory. I'm use to having more lust at this point and I don't have it to work with.

Dropped off another birthday balloon today for a patient, but the office has several of my patients there. They made the comment that I'm better than most husbands and boyfriends. Hopefully I won't be cornered somewhere by some spouse that forgot.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Yeah, the bells and whistles do help a lot in the lust category, but sometimes sex is a lot of mind games, anyway, as in, stimulate the mind (and heart), and the rest can get going easier.

Maybe not 3 times in 12 hours easier, but eh, one step at a time, and I don't see you actually arguing.....


3 times in 12 hours,,,,,,I don't think you're feeling your age! LOL


don't talk the talk if you can't handle it! ha ha ha ha... I still think you went too fast... You were too anxious for sex that you never gave passion a chance to show up. Now, passion will never happen with that girl. Too bad...

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