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Hi Mom

After much musing I realized what is different with Facebook girl. All the women I've ever dated I would have no problem taking home to meet my Mom as the old saying goes. That's not the case with Facebook girl. The golden tan in deep winter, the loud make up, the outfits. So it's a different world I'm exploring. I'm enjoying the ride at the moment and I think their is an extra heady feel since she initiated everything. So I'll spend sometime with the party girl and see what happens. She emailed me her cell number yesterday after our date. From the updates I got she had a fun time with her family last night for her birthday.

As most people are reflective at the end of the year I found myself looking at myself this morning at my business meeting. I had to do an educational presentation for the group and I couldn't believe how different I felt from what I use to feel. While I'm no stranger to public speaking I have learned how to work a room and feel more solid. So I was happy.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Mike, from your post, here are vibes from south TX...
-she will call the shots
-she is in this for a "fun" time
-she is not looking for a permanent relationship

I'm getting a "Pamela Anderson" picture here. In my personal opinion, men who go out with "loud/look at me" women usually are looking for attention. "Hey, look at me and look at who I'm with".

Not sure if this is coming across in the right way.

Estela in South TX


Hi Mike,
Oh well, if she wouldn't pass the "Mom" test, so be it. Your mom isn't the one going out with her, anyway!

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