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The Christmas Present

As some of you may remember Eric really wanted one of those Nerf blasters. He pointed out other toys, but we came to the Nerf rack at least 20 times over 3 stores. All with the same question. Why doesn't mom like guns. Besides not liking violence I really didn't have an answer especially since she can be a physically violent person.

So I texted my ex about it during my visit with Eric. However over a week of not hearing anything from her, I bought it. Since then it has been wrapped and prepared for mailing.

Yesterday I got a text telling me she wasn't comfortable with it, but to do what I thought best which is her usual passive aggressive MO. I tell you it still makes my stomach clench. My usual anger came up about if it doesn't concern her she doesn't do anything in a reasonable amount of time. The world will wait for her and if it doesn't she can be a martyr.

The present is for Eric so I'm doing what I think is appropriate. If I didn't think that I wouldn't have bought if for him. My hope is that she won't guilt him on playing with it.

What I'm working on tonight is not having any resentment towards her since I received no call from Eric today and no answer when I called tonight. Nothing ever changes.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

you are right about one thing..she will NEVER change....


That just sucks, I'm sorry you have to deal with that. I hope that Eric loves his toy. I remember those Nurf toys from when I was a kid and I always loved them. I had one you could stuff little nurf "bullets" into it and shoot and not take someone's eye out. Great fun.


Being a mom I understand the gun thing, except a nerf blaster isn't like a regular toy gun. My son has one. I think she just wants to be difficult for you. Some women give us other women, a bad name! LOL


Have to see a picture of this "gun" before I can give my opinion. Be nice to your kids. They have guns now. LOL

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