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Sane Friends


It's been a long time since I've had Novocaine injected into my mouth. I love that I don't feel anything while the dentist is working, but truly hate it while I'm waiting for it to wear off. I finally got a filing fixed since it was bothering the hell out of me with food being caught there. Everything else will have to wait. While I do have dental insurance and 50% off many things it's still a luxury at the moment. Only serious problems get moved up in front of the line.

It was funny the assistant reminded me a second too late as she gave me mouthwash to rinse. My tongue being numb couldn't fully stop the fluid going down my throat. Yuck! I'm glad they sucked the stuff back out. Now that I can't eat for an hour and half I'm starving.

Charmaine asked about sonicare removing enamel. It might I didn't look up, but so can your normal toothbrush. I went to school with a woman that had removed her enamel since she used a hard brush and cleaned after every thing she ate. You just can't do that. Like all things it has to be in moderation.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

Yes I HAAAAAAATTTTTTEEEEEE Novacain. What up with this new painless dentisty. You're supposed to sleep through it as if dreaming on a cloud.

What do you mean I turned my reader off? I don't even know what that is?

Dumb blonde? No. Menopausal Moron? Yes


Shoot. I brush my teeth like a million times a day. ahhhhhhhhh

moment of silence


Some guy told me to add a gadget under layout. It shows your "followers" which I assume is how you link to me.

I don't know how to become a follower. Haven't a clue.


I got it. You click above those little heads of my followers that says, become a follower and then you get updates on your dashboard. Whatever that is.

Learning technology...one step at a time.


GAWD!!!!! I so don't want to deal with the dentist...Im in denile!

IF you ever get a chance, you can go to Mexico..I get my crowns done there and it's like $200.00 instead of $2K!!!

Please tell me that it's not your Christmas present.


Stop it! You know it was drool! ha ha ha

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