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You know I love having phone conversations with people I have no fuckin' clue who they are. They seem to know me, but the slipped their name in under my radar that I couldn't hear it. I knew it wasn't a patient pretty fast so my stop watch is now a ticking since my time isn't free. Still have no clue who it was, but he's emailing me something about some event. What I did catch is that it was 3 hours long. I don't think a lap dance is going to keep me occupied for 3 hours so I most likely will be busy that night.

Other than that I was very happy to have a successful hour on the phone. Got a new patient, money, new insurance for patients, and a meeting with a orthopedic surgeon. So I'm flying pretty high right now. I think I might have to go celebrate at Wendy's. Need my strength for tonight.

On the line of insurance I'm going to look into new health insurance for myself. Mine is expensive for the $5k deductible I have. Since in my area there really is only one health care system. Anyone else is barely a blip on the radar. Now that might not mean much, but they also own there own health insurance company. Pretty sweet, we just pay ourselves. So my hope is to get something cheaper that I can use better.

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