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Sane Friends

Never Again

Okay I need some spark when I'm dating someone. I had game night with the singles tonight. The Photographer was there and dressed professional for work. She looked hot and sexy. Even though she did me wrong I still felt an attraction, not saying I would go back out with her. However I could still feel that strong connection to her. Everyone cut out early so we ended up playing a few hands of Flux. After spending 30 minutes with her I realized I need to feel this way with any woman I date. Wow what a difference from being with Tech girl. It was a nice reminder.

Oye what a cold night here. I think the change of weather is making it feel more bitter. Happy to say it will be gone tomorrow as we shoot back up to the 60's.

Well I went through my 3 boxes of books and took out what I like and the rest I'll try to sell on Half.com. Amazon just has too many charges for me when you're not making that much each sale.

One more day till Christmas and a whole lot of phone calls still to make.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
Good luck with getting through all the calls. I've got so much work piling up it doesn't feel like a holiday yet ...


Merry Christmas !!

Glad you're feeling sparks again. I'm sorry she did you wrong. :( That's not cool.

Call me the Devil's Advocate, or maybe I'm just being difficult, but I am not completely convinced you wouldn't date her again. I know, I've been there and do stupid things all the time. It is very hard to resist someone that you're madly attracted to.

If she can coax you into playing a game with her, then she can coax you back into going out if she so chooses.

Good luck out there in the jungle known as the dating world.


Senorita - I think you know me too well. It was a work out last night after I got home to let it go. However I know if I went back in I'm saying it's okay to treat me badly. She would have to do something on her side to show me change.

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