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Good Day Sunshine

Well as usual the weather man was extremely wrong. It was suppose to be rain and thunderstorms today. It's about 70 and sunny. Hey I'm not complaining. It's gorgeous outside and I would like to be out in it. However I ran some errand instead. Since the temperature has finally risen I went over to my Mom's to change out her winter wardrobe for her summer one. The keep it pretty warm back there for all the seniors. I was sweating up a storm hanging and boxing clothes. As always I can never tell if my Mom knows who I am or not. I never ask her. One I don't want to put her on the spot and I don't want certain answers.

I'm tired. Being woken up at 6:30 to a hair dryer was too much for me.
I had a new patient walk in this morning. He originally stated that his chiropractor went out of business. I was excited since I was hoping to buy her patient list, but she just closed her office and is now working out of her house. Oh well. Patients are starting to ask about my weight loss program. So we'll see if any bite.

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sure, you sent it here instead...50 and thunderstorms here !

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