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Sane Friends

It's Deep in Left Field

I'm use to talking to women and knowing a general direction that they are going with me. Not so with Phili. I know there is not much of a filter there between thought and talking. I think that's why she likes one of her friends so much. He's the same way she is. Last night's incident in which she even stated that this is TMI was about laundry and her new black and red panties. This followed our talking about the game Lifestories. Phili is the first person in 12 years that has even known about the game.

She did make me a nice offer last night since she's in advertising. Phili offered to drop her commission on an ad for me with her company. It was very nice of her, but print ads do nothing for me.

I thought Phili knew how old I was, but the landlord was looking through he calendar last night and stated that I would be 43 this year on Thanksgiving. I got the usual look from the women in the house of "he's that old."

I was just happy that she was quieter this morning.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

LOL, I'd loove to see these women you talk about here. Which reminds me, where do you get these pictures!!??


LOL @ are you a dirty old man?!@# What are those ear seeds? Can anyone get them or do you have to be a chiropractor?

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