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Sane Friends

The Stuff of Dreams

I forgot what happened last night. I'm sleeping and I hear my alarm. So I roll over to turn it off only realized I was dreaming that it went off and its still the middle of the night. I truly had to shake my head at that.

At the moment I'm not doing to well. My last patient smoked and he brought his equally smokey friend in the room. Let me tell you it smells like an ash tray in there. To make matters worse I sprayed him with some numbing solution. However the cloud was still there and I walked into it. So half my face is tingly now. Oye.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

EWW on the smell! I hate that smell. I'm married to a smoker it is a constant battle. He generally smokes outside but he brings the smell back in with him.
I should buy stock in Febreeze.

A numb face is no fun! Hope you get the feeling back quick!


Hi Mike,
Why not institute a "no smoking" policy? I can't help wondering, what kind of idiot would smoke during a chiropractic session, anyhow.

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