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Sane Friends

Phili Freedom

I had to run back to HK on the Bay today to get my business card holder that fell out of my jacket last night. They had it. I got it back from Joanne who I helped find her bag last night. She had no clue who I was or that her bag had been missing last night. Too funny.

So I stopped by Barnes & Nobles to check a book out my business coach had mentioned. I ran into Phili who was just leaving there. We talked for a few. I told her I just wanted to check something out and then was heading to Starbucks to do some work. She was heading home to relax.

So after I finished all my stuff at Starbucks and headed on home. About I block from the house I run into Phili who is heading to Starbucks to get some coffee and see if I'm still there. So I offer to go back with her. The funny thing is she asks to follow me since she doesn't know where she is going. On the way there she passes me up on purpose and then has to do some fancy movies to get into Starbucks.

We talked in Starbucks while I taught her Fluxx and then we played War. However the one we went to was a freezer. So we both decided to head on home. We were still talking when we got back so I asked if she wanted to play Lifestories a game she said she knew. However she didn't. While we played we watched Pulp Fiction. It started out that she said she wanted to see it again, but it was very obvious she never saw it.

We had a fun evening. I have to admit she does have a piece of her brain missing. Phili has a very weird train of thought. I'm starting to wonder if she had some kind of brain injury along the way to explain all this. Besides that I'm enjoying the mini skirts and this afternoon's plunging neck line. I'm happy we get along since the Landlord will be gone next week and we'll be here alone.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I don't know anything about brain injuries, but it appears that Phili is definitely not playing with a full deck of cards.

There are just some women out there that are THAT airheaded. Luckily, some of those women have husbands to take care of them. As for Phili, well, she's got people like the landlord and you.


Sounds like she was just trying to impress you~ Or, maybe she just isn't the quickest draw on the block.
Either way, sounds like she entertained you for an afternoon and that's a good thing, right?
I'm starting to get jealous about your coffee shop offerings. I want game time and relax time at my local coffee shop!

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