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Sane Friends

International Man of Leisure

I was pretty burned out yesterday. Since it was a light day aroun the office I left early to hit the beach before Game night with the singles. So come on along.
I can feel the breeze from the water now.

The Lynnhaven Fish house.

The fishing pier juts way out into the bay.

You can see the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel off in the distance.
Fort Story army base anchors the other end of the beach.
Oh well it's time to go.
I was surprised it was a low turn out last night for game night. 4-5 people cancelled at the last moment. It was only 3 of us there. Phili said she was going to come, but she never did. A phone call would have been nice to know that.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

That seems like such a wonderful place to hang out. Glad you found time to do it !

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