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Sane Friends

Running the Bases with Phili

Phili lost the coupon so we ended up buying tickets for ourselves. I had no problem with that. We were going to meet down at the park, but she came home before I left. It was interesting for her to announce that she wished the landlord would stay away since she had a great week in the house. Phili did leave me a dish of food in the refrig, but I didn't know it was mine so she ended up eating it.

I found out that Phili likes to be in control. She detest being a passenger so she drove last night. Also when the night turned chilly and she put her coat on I went to help her and she was pretty firm with she had it.

Anyway after a tense drive to the park. Phili is a notorious tailgater. Also her not believing I knew a different way to get there. Her way was the really long way around, like 2 extra cities worth.

I almost had to strangle her. All she had been talking about was getting a beer there. Baseball and beer. That's all I had been hearing. Then when we got there she was like I don't know if I want one. She finally ended up getting one.

Since Phili doesn't know how to connect I started conversation. She's a little bit country and I'm a little bit rock 'n roll. She's big into sports and NASCAR and I could care less. The interesting thing was during the game. Now I always hear her laughing in her room. For what reason I have no clue. Last night she was doing the same thing and I was puzzled until I realized she was looking at the advertising screen and reading it. She was very amused. I mean to crying amused.

Phili may want to be more. I have no clue, but I'm good with being friends. Time will tell what she does.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
Phili sounds like a decent sort all things considered (i.e. compared to Inverse ...).

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