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Sane Friends

Dinner Time

Well I survived dinner. Actually Phili didn't really cook she just reheated the Landlord's food he left us. I would have done it in the microwave, but she did it on the stove. Lot more mess. However since she went through the effort I washed everything. What I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around is that I'm hanging out and talking with a woman for about 2 hours every night (more listening to stories). It's like dating, although it's not my intention. So it's weird. I've had many women friends over the years and we have talked a lot, but this compressed time frame keeps pushing part of mind into dating mode. However the good thing about being a guy is usually you are the one initiating anything. So since I'm not pushing anything it's not going anyplace.

The one thing I'm starting to wonder is how old Phili is. The Landlord said she was in her late 30's, but if her son turns 17 next month and she was still dating someone else at 24 before she got married to her husband. I don't see how the math works. However with all the stories I hear I have no idea what is truth and what is fantasy.

Today is a slow day and I'm sort of burnt out. So I think I'll take a break today like I tell my patients. Since I have a lot of free time I'll take a nice break to recharge me for tomorrow which is busier.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I TOTALLY dress like that whenever I cook!!


Love the new look!!


Is her husband the father of her son? Where IS that boy, anyway, as I never hear mention of her seeing him or him visiting her.

And, you say that w/out you iniciating anything, it's not going anyplace. Ha, um, guess what, she's iniciated, and at this point, she's "made" you dinner, and is taking you out to a ballgame. It may not go into physical realm, it may stay a nice somewhat friendship, but you're going along w/ it, someplace :)

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