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What Friday Brings

I tell you dealing with Phili this week has really given my dating mojo a real work out. While I know she is doing things like making me dinner and taking me to the ball game tonight. In truth it doesn't mean that much to me. Most everyone does the 80-90%, but it's that last 10-20% that brings results. With Phili its these actions followed by a screwed up story of her dating or something similar. If she's looking for me to prove that I'm a nice guy. I already know that and don't need to prove it. However it reminds me a long time ago. I did a lot, but I never connected with people deeply. I didn't know how to. Bells and whistles make a big splash and get your attention, but it's the small day to day stuff that keeps your interest and starts the building process. It's a good reminder for me cause yes I can be distracted by an attractive body. What makes this situation more difficult for me is that I constantly see Phili and it's not every once in a while. With that I think it's giving her an extra star in my book. So far she hasn't shown me anything that can lead to a deep relationship. All I see is a lot of low self esteem and insanity.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

As an outside observer, it seems like you are considering dating her.

So far she hasn't shown you anything that can lead to a deep relationship ?? Who cares ? She's a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

A hot, tight body can lead you to do things you normally shouldn't, including her, lol. I think that you should stop spending so much time with her.

I know she may not be all there, but women don't just make men dinner and take them to ball games. She has a plan for you, you should figure out what that is.

Good luck in your jungle, oops, I mean house, my jungle friend !

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