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Sane Friends

Topsy Turvey Day

Yeah it's been one of those days. Not bad, just weird. My business meeting went well this morning. I got to referrals for business that I'm presently trying to get. Then I was off to meet a Doula. I've heard of the profession before, but never met one. She came very highly recommended and since I'm in the pregnancy market it was a natural choice. It was a good meeting and I think we can help each other out very well. She was baby sitting at the time and my natural powers came out. Animals and kids like me and she was surprised I wasn't getting the stink eye instead of the flirty eye.

Then it was off to meet a Reiki practitioner. I use to work with one years ago and it was a great referral source. She then moved out of the area and it's been hard finding one in this area. During the meeting I realized I was attracted to her in a different way. With some thought I saw that it's because she is a nurturing person. I have to admit I very rarely go out with nurturing women. Hey I'm dating my Mom. So I'll have to raise it up or put it on my list of wants for dating. The whole thing made me think of an episode of Two & a Half Men where the guys were fawning over a nurturing woman.

My day got blind sided when I got an email stating that one of the members of a meeting I direct died last night. I was pretty shocked since I believed he was in good health. While we weren't close I've known him for 8 months now. It blew my emotional circuit breaker. I made a lot of calls to friends to talk about it since when I'm not feeling my emotions problems will follow. It did give me insight into how I'll deal when someone closer dies to me.

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