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Sane Friends

Red Flags

Red flags where I live? ROFLMAO! Phili and I's conversation started since she was wondering where to dump all her empty Mojito bottles. I guess she's been partying in her room. I tried talking to her about the issue of being with a guy who was sleeping around. However it fell on deaf ears since has it rationalized in her brain. Anyway she's taking me to our local minor league baseball game Friday night.

The whole conversation was good for me and parallels the book I'm reading (The Power of Full Engagement). Sticking to ones values helps build and replenish us spiritually. I know myself, anytime I compromise my beliefs I always have trouble. Red and VP are the big ones from last year. So it was good to say what I believed in with dating. My friend Paul and I discuss this a lot. For him he'll stay in relationships that aren't fully fulfilling to him if he's still having some fun. For me I want to be firing on all cylinders. I've wasted enough time in my life with relationships that just weren't fulfilling to me. My energy and time are very important to me and I guard them well.

This actually worked well into my business meeting this morning. My coach was pointing out that we usually choose people we like or can help instead of people that will push us. The story of my life. My Mom use to tell me when I was a kid that I was helping people that weren't helping me. That I would put all this energy into them and then they would leave me in the dust. While I'm not that bad anymore I still pick my strategic partners in that area. I'm still doing most of the work and not really getting anything out of it. So that's my new project on changing.

On Inverse since it was asked. Besides starting cosmetology school at the end of the month and working as a cocktail waitress I don't know anymore. I haven't seen her since before she left.

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