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Game Night Hijinks

It was our monthly weekend game night which brings in a good sized crowd. This time around we got a lot of newbies to join us. The biggest person I wanted to meet was the MD. I call him this cause on his profile he has his name in all caps with MD at the end. While I think this is kind of pompous the real reason I wanted to see this guy is because it took him like 3-4 times to get approved. He kept trying to join without a picture. This gets you declined with a note telling you that you need a picture to join. This kind of idiocy shows me you were at the bottom of the class. While he was an okay guy he did show us that he had no scruples from playing the game of the same name, no memory, and inability to follow rules. Yes this is someone I want handling my health.

I have to be careful I found myself falling back on old habits. One of the women there tonight I find attractive and I see her every once in a while at an event. One of the reasons I don't persue her is that she's not outgoing which is something I don't want in a SO. I know this about her, but I was attracted to her all night. This old behavior of being attracted to this type. Just like being attracted to the wounded bird in Phili. Not a good place to go since it's back down the dating ladder that I've worked hard to climb.

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