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Sane Friends

Thursday Tidbits

Over the past few months I've had request for pictures of the people I blog about. While I do have the digital camera I just never think to take pictures. I believe Marty has the eye to pic out who is who anytime I do post something. Since these people are a big part of my life I'll try to get pictures for posting.

I did call my patient to use his code clearer for my car. I hate when mechanics use there pneumatic wrench on everything. I can't for the life of me unhook my battery to manually reset it. It's so bad I'm starting to strip the nut and stripped nuts are the worse.

I've had two of my patients interested in talking about my weight loss program. So for day 1 it's going good. I just need more exposure with it. My online ads for it will hopefully hit the web tomorrow.

Blondie went in for her procedure today. I just texted her some hugs and good wishes. Hopefully she will let me know how it went.

As always the singles surprise me with trying to join back up after being removed for non-payment. They act like nothing ever happened. I guess I probably take it a little too personal.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Oh, it's nothing personal. Remember, honey sweetie pie? LOL. Anyway, I seriously don't believe anyone take it personally. They had not paid, now they're ready to again and re-join. It's just business.

I HATE when things are put on too tightly to undo manually, too.....

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