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Sane Friends

Too Much Time on My Hands

What the hell is Bebo and how do I get rid of it? I don't IM much so I usually just close down my IM box. However yesterday I noticed that I somehow had more friends than normal. Then I saw that I had Bebo friends. It seems someone has invaded my territory and staked a claim. So far Bebo is winning and I'm losing since every time I try to delete it I'm given a error alert.

Slowly grown today to a decent day if I can do the same the rest of the week. Like I was talking to Nick the hairstylist yesterday. It's just a week at a time.

I have a meeting tonight. We're going over business on how to better the meeting. We have a new member that has some good ideas, but I he's just very aggressive. He keeps himself in check, but I can feel his inner leash being pulled taunt. So I find it hard dealing with him.
I'm trying again a new top commentor widget from a different source. We'll see what happens.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I've never heard of bebo, but I hope you get it fixed.

Thank you for you sweet comments and good wishes for Pea. She is pretty important to me, and I appreciate any and all good thoughts and prayers coming her way.

I hope your day was great and your evening is beautiful.



Hi Mike,
Bebo is a social networking site, based in Europe. AOL bought them last year. It's known to mainly attract European teens/kids. Not sure how you ended up on their radar!


I thought that bebo replaced AIM. Maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, if it's someone I know and I get sent a request, fine, but otherwise, I don't know how to work it and don't care. I think it's part of the aol packaging now? Eh. I never set up an AIM profile, either:)

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