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Sane Friends

Upping the Ante

Phili is following Inverse's route and uping the ante. It started last night when she called me into her room to show me some stuff she bought. You want to talk about invading someone's personal space. Yes I can see your pores.
Anyway the Landlord and I went out for dinner since she had already eaten. When we got back I told her it was us since I know sometimes she panics. Anyway she sticks her head out the door in her bra, maybe panties too, but I wasn't quite sure. Anyway we decided to watch Eating Raoul. Like Pulp Fiction she said she saw it, but all she saw of this movie was the end. So she came into my room to watch the movie. Phili had put her dress on, but it's the one she always wears a top with since the dress doesn't really cover her top.
I have to admit Phili does had a very athletic body that's in great shape after seeing it in bikini this morning. I now know why she looks older than me at 35. She tans too much. Phili is heading to the beach to get a real tan. I told her she was tanned already, but she informed me it was only tanning salon stuff. In 10 years she's going to be a piece of bacon.

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