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Sane Friends

Dating Land

On my weekly visit to see OVDC today her first question was who did I date over the weekend. I told her about my hike with L and she looked at me with a raised eyebrow to see if anything was going on. I'm not looking to date right now.

However even though dating is not on my horizon right now, I can't say it is the same for others. Two-face wanted to meet. I have a bunch of the singles as my friends on Facebook. Now honestly I can't remember who asked who to be friends. Anyway I had seen Two-face's face on the dating sites and all. She's up on the Peninsula and I'm not going up there. However she gets her name for when she changed her pic she aged like 10-15 years. WTF? Besides her smoking there is a lot I don't want here.

The Widow asked me to lunch after the Saturday matinee movie with the singles. I had this weird feeling she liked me when we met Tuesday. I don't mind grabbing a bite with anyone. I know her husband died last year so hopefully she's just looking for another adult to talk to. If not I'll have to have the talk. The biggest deal breaker with the Widow is that she's from Williamsburg which is over an hour away.

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