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Sane Friends

They're Coming to Take Me Away

I'm a pretty solid guy and few things shake me. Well Phili just shook me. She got home just as the Landlord and I were finishing dinner (more to follow on that). So she followed me up when I went upstairs. When I got in my room she pulled out the dress she bought today. It was nice. Then she was like let me show you what I got for us and closed my door. I tell you my nuts hid. I had no idea what was going to happen when the door opened. Was she going to be in lingerie, have a DVD, do it yourself satanic ritual kit? After a few moments she said it was in the bathroom. She had got it when she went out with friends earlier. So I walked cautiously into the bathroom. Phili had stolen the bathroom sign that said men and woman's restroom.

Anyway dinner conversation flowed about Phili since it was the first time for the Landlord and I to talk since he got back. I was surprised when he asked if she came on to me while he was away. I told him what I already shared. He believes that she has been committed before and possibly just recently. This would make sense since she had given me a story of her being in an accident 15 years ago that she was in the hospital for many months and that caused the breakup of a relationship. We both agreed that something violent happened in her life and that she is delusional and paranoid. I didn't know about the super chip implanted in her head so that her father could keep track of her.

I've heard that crazy chicks are great in bed as long as you pick positions that you can watch there hands.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Wow. No wonder she's so, hmmm, fragile in some ways. Sorry to hear something so violent was in her past.

And, gosh, I didn't know what she had in mind for you, either! Phew.


I've been reading your Phili story for awhile now. You seem intrigued by her, yet cautious. I'm curious... do you have a history of hooking up with *crazy* women?

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