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Since the economy went down the shitter, sales calls to my office have gone up. It's truly a pain. Since my main phone is my cell, I can see the numbers coming in. I have several saved that are titled "sales crap" since they just keep on calling. While this maybe a pain the increase in emails from businesses wanting to advertise on my blog has jumped from 0 to WTF in the last week. Today it was even a place from Singapore. The topper was when I got a sales text message. Holy hell. I think I need to go ape shit on someone with a golf club.

I closed my bedroom door last night which decreased Phili's interaction with me. I was asked what I want from her. Really I'm happy to be partner's in crime. We watched some Sopranos together yesterday. If we play a game or if bored we do something together I'm okay with that. While I could have a relationship with Phili I know it wouldn't be healthy for me. The problem for me is a lot of skin and too much interaction. From the singles group I know many single women. Some that I know like me very much. For me there's nothing there or I know it's not a good match. However since my interaction is occasional it's not a problem. So I'll start closing my door more so that Phili interaction is less. However I can't promise that one day I'm going to announce that I slept with her.
I can tell it's hot around here. I just downed another pint of ice cream. Yum. Love the stuff on a extremely hot day. German girl usually gets a good laugh when I do this.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

You shouldn't live with pretty wounded birds. Then you rationalize your actions with her until you end up actually sleeping with her. If you find you have thoughts of boning her and she is is not a stable person, you need to just avoid her, not watch TV together, not cook meals together, no boardgames, and absolutely not leaving your bedroom door open to her. That's definitely a subtle way of saying "Hey baby, come on in and do bad things to me"

Seriously, attractive people will make you do things that you wouldn't normally do.

From one Sagittarius to another, good luck out there in your jungle house.


Sounds like that egg wants salt, if you know what I mean. Are you ready to go there??

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