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Sane Friends

Right Turn at Albuquerque

My 2nd patient appreciation event is scheduled for today. However I now have a snafu. My massage therapist called last night and left a message saying that someone was coming back from Afghanistan and she wouldn't be able to work the event. While I understand life happens this really sucks. Last minute trying to get a massage therapist to do free work to increase there business is damn near impossible. Oh well I've put the word out and hopefully something comes of it. At least everything else is looking good.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood today finally. I wanted to go for a hike today, but all the hikers in the singles group are doing a hike with another group. It's an all day one and I can't do that. So I'm hooking up with my old gf L. She lives near the beach. So we're taking her dog for a long walk in the great weather.

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