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What Friday Brings

It was time for our neighborhood business meeting. The problem was that my coach's car broke down and couldn't be there. He usually runs the meeting so it fell to me. It went well, but everyone agreed that we needed to do something instead of just meeting. The problem is that different people come each time. So whoever is there next meeting, we decided, would be the first people on the website and then everyone else can join in at a later time.
So after a few meetings and a patient I met L for another beach hike. The weather started out very cold this morning, but warmed up very nicely. It's a nice 4 mile hike up and down the beach. It's still not crowded so it's enjoyable. A few bikinis and dogs to look at and I'm happy. The problem is now after all that sun and salt air I'm ready for a nap. I still have 3 more patients and a Happy Hour with the singles to do.
Our weekend guest has been postponed. She was finally able to get her court date pushed back a month so she could get back to Virginia. The Landlord had sent her money to come back in time, but the rates had jumped again, by the time she went again.
The Landlord did inform me that Phili never takes off her jewelry, EVER. Now you're probably thinking rings or maybe a bracelet. No I'm talking a peal necklace and some choker type thing. One of those spring things people wear on there wrists. Both pieces are not expensive pieces. I asked her about them since I she always had them on. I got some story about a transvestite UPS guy which really didn't help. My wonder if they are covering up some scar on her neck. Like some women cover up suicide scars on there wrists.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
I'm trying to figure out the connection between a transvestite UPS guy and her jewelry. Is she afraid the UPS Transvestite will steal her jewels? Is she the UPS Transvestite? The mind reels ...


I'm with Marty; I'd looove to hear some of her hard to believe stories.

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