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Now That's a First

I finally had a meeting today with someone that I walked out with more than they did. Usually I give a bunch of referrals and I wait to see if anything ever comes my way. Usually I'm still waiting. However today I finally got to meet someone that could directly refer me a bunch of patients. She runs a maternity boutique and I enjoy helping pregnant women through there pregnancy. I have to admit I was impressed with her since she's in her 20's and focused on her business. I have to admit I felt really old when we went back to her store so I could get coupons and fliers. Her manager and staff look like teenage girls. Although when I was managing an electronic store it was 20 years ago so I probably looked the same, but oye. So we set up a system to refer people back and forth between each other which is great. Also she gave me some people that she deals with to also contact which is awesome since I was complaining this morning in my business class that I'm tired of meeting people that have nothing to do with my profession ie. real estate, finances.

On a side note. Talking to Phili last night she couldn't even remember what she had said to me. She knew it was funny, but had to ask me for a recap.

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