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Sane Friends

A Dad's Movie

If you've seen Taken, you're a guy, and you're a dad you are probably in love with this movie. While all the women enjoyed the movie also. The guys really were charged. Why we would never want anything to happen to our precious children. There is a secret fantasy in the back of our minds of this kind of twisted shit happening to them. The other part is bringing down the Almighty on there asses for touching our kids. Hence the whole plot of the movie. Phili joined us. We went in separate cars since she won't let anyone else drive her.

One thing I did notice about Phili is this avoidance of information. While she tells a LOT of stories of her life, most of what I believe to be bullshit. It just never adds up and if you ask for more specifics she jumps to other stuff. This became more apparent tonight when we left the house and the visitor asked where we were going. Phili just said out. I stopped to give her all the information. For someone who takes 40 minutes to answer a freaking question, avoid giving out information was weird.

I don't know if the visitor is moving in or not. The Landlord does a minimum 6 month lease and I thought I heard her saying she wasn't quite sure about that. While a nice lady, she's nuts too. She's suppose to be moving to DC with her older boyfriend. What does he do you ask? Well she has no idea. WTF! You're dating someone. You're planning on moving and living together. Yet you have no friggin' idea what he does. Oh yeah this is good.

All this led to another Phili story about her bf, but it was insane. It went something like the guy she's been dating for 9 years. She doesn't live near where he lives since he always travels. When asked if she trust him she said absolutely. Even though I know she knows he sleeps around. Whatever.

Last, but not lease. As far as I know Inverse didn't pay back the Landlord. If she did I have no idea where all the money would come from. So yes after all that he is still babysitting her daughter. My belief is that he's hoping to give the girl some grounding. Even Phili believes the daughter will probably have a screwed up life since Inverse is so unstable. So that's saying something.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Yeah, it's saying that your landlord is a total doormat. He's telling her that not only is it okay to stiff him, but he'll even watch her kid !!!

I've run across a lot of people that are full of stories, but full of shit as well, lol.

I bet that Phili has gone through a lot in the past. There is a reason she avoids giving out information. I bet something heavy happened to her.

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