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Double Standard

You know I thought terms like "sweety", "sugar", "honey" and more had gone the way of the dinosaur when dealing with people in business. Well actually for the male population it has unless you want a sexual harrassment suit. However for women it's still okay. I get these terms all day long as I interact with other businesses. I know it's not professional, but I don't care. However it does always hit me if I said something like that there would be a problem.

I did text Blondie today to see how she was doing and to wish her well on her procedure tomorrow. Also to let me know how it goes. She thanked me for the well wishes and asked how I was doing. I still like her and I know it we'll be friends, so I'll still keep in contact especially with this stuff going on.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
I guess you're right ... there's a double-standard. I guess it happens all the time and I've never really thought about it.


I'm glad that you'll be there for her as a friend:)
And, I can't STAND it when someone, even a woman, calls me honey or sweetie or similarly, especially in the business arena. I'm told it's more of a southern thing, but still. These people don't even KNOW me, usually, sometimes have talked w/ me on the telephone for maybe 2 minutes long ("Oh, thank you, sweetie."), and to me, those words are rather personal ones.



Total double standard! Women can say honey, sugar, whatever they want. Men? Uh-uh.


I never thought of it as a double standard.

Both men and women use terms on me such as "honey" "sweety" or "sugar" but I haven't thought anything of it. But of course, women address me that way more than men do. Men are probably afraid of being accused of sexual harassment.

I think men don't use those terms on me unless they are much older.

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