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Sane Friends

Oh Well

Well the Landlord left for his 5 day trip up to PA. However I'm not alone in the house this time, so no nakedness or air guitaring to blasting music. I was informed that Phili had a perplexed face when she was informed that all the food would be in the refrig just take what she wanted and heat it up. Since my brother and family couldn't make it this week I'll be home to have dinner with her which will be good for 2 reasons. The first is that she won't starve even though she is a mom. The second being that I'll have someone to talk to while I eat dinner which I like. I told her it was going to be Toga-Tuesday which she informed me that she tells everyone we eat naked anyway.

I tell you at times I want Inverse back. Shocked? I know. It's because even though she was attractive and wanted to sleep with me I could easily deal with her. I have a harder time with Phili. What I have going in my favor is that Phili is not so direct like Inverse. Although she may come out one day and say she wants to have sex with me. All I know it's going to be a interesting 5 days.

I returned to my old barber this morning for a haircut. It's good and cheap so I'm back there. The only problem is that I don't care about boxing and that's all he talks to me about. I guess to be saving $5-7 I can listen.

Spring seems to have finally sprung here. When it's nice hear I'm out of the office anytime I can. I was talking to the Reiki lady and she agreed. I don't know how she does it with no windows in her office. I remember my first place I worked it had no windows. It sucked so bad. Then my second office I had a great view of Bear Mountain it was awesome.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Oh what I wouldn't do for an office with a view! We don't have a single outside window at all. I make as many trips outside to the post box and fed ex box as I can just to get some fresh air!


Hi Mike,
I know what you mean. My office has a nice view of Hollywood Hills and at the end of the day -- say 6:00 or 6:30 -- I like to go for a brisk walk up into the hills for exercise.


You've said she is always on the run from the truth or estranged from reality. I couldn't, or rather wouldn't, deal with someone like that every day~but I guess if I had a roommate like that I might have to learn, or move. I do appreciate spontaneity; she's got that covered. ~Mary

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