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Overheard in the Dark

Last night the singles and I headed out to the Funny Bone for some laughs. Boy did we get them. It was a great show and not all of it was on stage. At one point the comic was talking about proposing and he asked a few people in the office. One guy proposed to his GF at 3 am in the morning while she was sleeping. She said she had no clue what he was doing since she couldn't see the ring. However the best came from the comic saying he married his wife because she gave him a blow job on their first date for an ice cream cone. While that was funny what was better was the couple behind us. The women told her SO, "DON'T YOU SAY ANYTHING." I nearly busted a gut.

I always tell the server separate checks. I guess since the gratuity is built in they don't give a shit since they always get it wrong. I don't drink so all I had was a coke. The girl next to me had been drinking like a fish. I was going to give her the money, but she was she wasn't worried about paying for a coke. So I thanked her. Outside while we're waiting for everyone she's complaining about how expensive the drinks were and that she wasn't working. So I again offered to pay for my coke, but I was ignored. So I'm just letting it go.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

At least it wasn't the other way around where she expected you to pay for all her drinks! ;)


Ah, if she wasn't working, sure she needed a night out, stress relief, but gosh anticipate or ask the cost of the drinks and then, gee, don't drink so much! Oh well. I hope she had as good a time as you did. That one comment would've cracked me up, too.

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