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If It Wasn't For You Damn Kids

After a 90 degree day the house was warming up quite nicely last night. Since the Landlord wasn't home yet we had to wait on any relief. Although I think Phili was comfortable, but I was hot. So I headed out to get some ice cream. Since I'm allergic to dairy it's soy for me. The weird thing is that I can easily buy it around my office, but the same stores near my place don't carry it. So I hit Harris Teeter which is close. They use to carry it, but I was pretty angry last night when they had ice cream treats for dogs and cats, but nothing soy based. However after digging around I found what I was looking for. On the way out I caught myself using the f-bomb again. Then I realized what was happening. The Sopranos marathon I'd been watching had been influencing me. Mystery solved.
With the Landlord back Phili has disappeared. She was out of the house before anyone was up and was still gone by the time I left. Hopefully she'll pull back with him around.

Besides that not much else to report. L was already busy today to go for a walk and to be honest it's way to hot out there. You could fry and egg on the sidewalk. So I stopped by my Mom's and did her nails. Ran a couple of errands and now just relaxing at Starbucks.

I'm trying to motivate myself. As usual I rev up for a while, but after a time I start to poop out. I'm stalling out again and I need to keep on pushing to keep the business afloat. I might need to schedule a day off or a large afternoon each week to recharge to keep up the high pace.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

Oh man, you poor thing. Allergic to dairy ????? Not being able to enjoy ice cream ?? My heart goes out to you............

I think it's wonderful that you know how to do nails. You may think that I am jonesing you, but you should sell Avon.

A straight male that has a medical background that can also do nails ? Plus you're a Sagittarius with a social personality.

Why do you not see the potential ???


Hi Mike,
The day -- or afternoon -- off sounds like a great idea, just some time without anything scheduled. Have fun!


Not sure that the New Yorker part of you will ever fully leave -- meaning -- yes, it was HOT yesterday, wasn't it?!

I had to have an Italian ice, and an alcohol-free mojito. I just wasn't ready for summer, yet, during Spring. It's all good:)

Glad you're still visiting your mother, and hope she's relatively stable lately.


So, here's the question: what do YOU want with Phili? Hopes? Expectations?

Although who am I do to give a Sagittarius advice?


Soy Ice cream? Thats a new one for me. I'll have to check it out since I typically avoid dairy. 90 degrees? I think that sounds divine. Why don't you send at least 10 of those degrees up to Idaho. We could use some warmth love. By the way, reading that you went and did your Moms nails was about the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time. You are a good son!

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