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The Mobeius Strip

It was funny how life comes back around again. I happened not once, but twice today in different ways.

I was sitting in one of my networking classes today and the instructor was doing an example of if he was married to a loan officer he wouldn't be given many referrals to any other loan officers. I tell you it took me back to my time with the Planner. She was a loan officer and we had this argument a few times. She use to get so mad at me for not giving her any referrals and that I had to be given them to the loan officer in my group. I could never get it through her head I never knew anyone that needed a loan. I really don't deal with real estate as a chiropractor. It was one of her rallying points when she broke up with me. So it was a nice blast from the past.

Number 2 was at our monthly mixer. I'm talking to 2 guys and one looks maybe familiar. I meet too many people to remember them all especially guys. I don't waste the gray matter on remembering you if you have a Y chromosome. Anyway the guy remembered me. He was a Facebook girl's brothers house on New Years Eve. Good memory or I just leave impressions on people since it was maybe 10 minutes that we sat and watched TV. We didn't talk about Facebook girl which was okay by me. I did get his friend's wife as a patient. She's paying $120 for an acupuncture session. Holy shit! I told the guy $45 and he was all over it like hair on soap.

Last but not least I saw Slumdog Millionaire tonight with the singles. Very good movie.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I can't stand it when friends, family or sig others try to get you to give referrals. Especially when they get mad at you for not doing it, like you're obligated to give out referrals you've worked so hard for just because you're dating or just because you're family.

I don't believe in mixing business with personal life.

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