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It's been a long, hard day of getting 4 networking business meetings this week. The office has slowly been getting slower over the last few weeks. The only thing that has happened is that people's discretionary money has decreased and I'm doing less meetings. The only thing I can control is the meetings so I'm back to getting more. The reason I've let them slide is that I'm tired of talking to people that are not in my food chain. People provide to others down the chain. For me it's people that deal with or create the problems that I treat. The biggest problem is that most of these people don't like to network and there for hard to get to. So I've been getting creative as I can get to meet people. Hence the hard work today.

I've always had more women friends than guy friends my entire life. So I know men and women can be friends. However at some point the sex issue has to be dealt with. It's a not a discussed thing. Usually it's a weighed issue. Is there enough here to go where no man has gone before or at least me? I bring this up because of Phili. She's a goof ball and a big kid in a lot of ways. So she's fun, but also a wounded bird which is still a trigger for me. Normally this isn't a problem. You're out someplace you joke around, have fun, and then go home. The problem is she's living with me. The comments like, "it looks like I'm not wearing anything," don't help. Her jacket which wasn't that long was longer than her skirt today. Anyway what caused this train of thought is the Landlord will be gone next week and Phili's face lit up so much yesterday with how much fun we can have with him gone. I think there might be a lot of running around the house with scissors. Clothes could be optional.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

You Wrote:

"It's been a long, hard day of getting 4 networking business meetings this week."

Haha, you used the words "long" and "hard" together in a sentence.

Women dig that.


Hey you know I aim to please women.

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