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Sane Friends

What if You Had a Party and No One Showed?

Well that's what happened today with my patient appreciation. No one showed up. We all figured that the weather was just so awesome that people didn't stop what they were doing. I felt bad for my friends who had set there stuff up. We still had fun with photo shoots and MK lady had her hair done up. Sorry I didn't get pictures.
I was very impressed with Nick's ability with hair, but I guess after 35 years it should be.

I felt bad for Vicki since she got sick during the event and had to leave.

My hike on the beach with L went well. Since we dated for 3 months 2 years ago, conversation flowed. We probably walked about 4 miles. There was a cool breeze coming in from the north that felt really good after we had been walking a while. We were surprised that the beach wasn't more crowded. I was guessing Palm Sunday, but who knows. I think I might have gotten a little sunburned on my neck.

Trevor the dog is getting old. He was needing a nap by the time we finished up.

We grabbed a lot of pictures. L wanted to send some to her mom back in Spain. For me it was nice to actually have pictures of me. Since I'm the one with the camera, there usually in nothing of me.
L is on spring break next week so if I have any free time we may do some more walking. It works for me on short notice and that we can still be friends is good.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

OMG, I am so sorry that happened to you. I've had that happen to me before. I know the feeling.

It sounds like your patients don't value your going above and beyond. I think that you should stop investing all this time and energy into events that people don't flake out on.

Trevor is an adorable doggie. Nice to know you and your ex still keep in contact. I wrote a whole entry about that today.


Hi Mike,
Once I had something somewhat similar happen ... hosted a press conference and only one reporter showed up. If no one showed, it would have been better ...



You don't know how to plan a party.

You have an expert over here. People pay me alot of money to ensure participation. It's how I get paid.

Next time, ask me for some tips. I'm not that good but seriously, much better then you.


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