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Sane Friends

Alcohol, Rosy Glasses, & Breasts

Talking to the Landlord about the visitor. He said he told her to pass on the place since she wants to move to DC in June. His point was valid. Stick it out where you are for your daughter so you don't keep moving around. We both thought it was really weird that she didn't know what her bf did for work even though she is going to live with him in June.

Phili called to ask me to go to another baseball game tonight. I turned her down. She was quite surprised that I just didn't want to go and I didn't have other plans. It was too soon for me and I could use a break from her. I'm starting to think she's a closet alcoholic. The Landlord had said she had some AA history, but said she didn't explain. Through many of her stories I've heard of times when hasn't had a car for some strange reason as well as breaking custody agreements.

Anyway when Phili arrived she was very positive. I mean like 200% positive, I shit fairy dust positive. Since then she's had a few bumps in the working world and that glass has cracked. Last week while the Landlord was gone she brought down a 6 pack of empties. I began wondering if this was part of her early morning schedule of going out to her car before everyone got up. Phili could be headed for a lot of trouble.

While this week is slow, new patients are coming in an scheduling which is great.
Talking to the Destroyer this morning. It's been a while since I've seen her. While I'm happy I no longer have that strange attraction for her. It was hard not looking at her this morning. Yes I know you work in sales, but a shirt that is almost open to your belly button is a little much. I almost felt like taking dollar bills out for stuffing.

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