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Crazy is As Crazy Does

It's been a busy day around the office today which is good. Not much out of the ordinary here so I figured I would keep you updated on the crazy women that have lived in the house over the last few months.

Single - Sad to say single flunked all her classes this semester in college. While this is sad, it isn't crazy. What's crazy is her decision now to home school her younger brother. What makes her think she is qualified is beyond me. Home schooling is a lot of work.

Inverse - Is all set to start cosmetology school at the end of the month. She gave up waitressing to instead be a cocktail waitress at the restaurant bar. I think she couldn't hack taking the waitress test. She wants to borrow the landlord's sander so she can't paint her truck blue. Let me tell you it's a big freakin' truck. My guess is after 30 minutes she'll be like WTH was I thinking. Then a shit cover up job will follow.

Phili - the other day it was 70 degrees here and she went down to the beach. She said she had a lot of fun in the ocean. When asked if anyone else was in the water she said no. I wouldn't think so since the water temperature is in the 40's. However she wasn't cold. It reminds me of that Seinfeld episode with the cold shower.
George - cold showers? Isn't that what they give psychotics?
Kramer - I take cold showers.

Nuff said.

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