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Sane Friends

My Night in Philly

Well tonight was night #1 with Phili. I was surprised when she wanted to eat dinner later than normal. So I pretty much did my stuff. Later on she asked me what to do with stuff after she finished dinner. This led to about a 90 minute conversation. I got to know more about Phili and the reasons behind certain things. She has sort of a boyfriend overseas. They dated years ago, but his work took him away and she stayed here with her son. At this point in her life she's wondering what she wants to do relationship wise. I tried to find out why she was still interested in this guy who was sleeping with other women.

I was surprised when she asked me what I'm attracted to in a woman after she told me hers. She seemed surprised to find out that I wasn't a causal person. However every thing else she seemed to relate to.

We talked about marriage and divorce. I talked about my growing up some and the abuses I went through. Phili will admit that she's nuts. I see that she has some filtering problems in what should stay in her brain and what should be said. I got to see her in a different light which was nice. She's very attractive, but long term her eccentric behavior would drive me nuts. I think my statement about myself reclassified me in her brain as not someone to have casual sex with which is a good thing. We'll see what day 2 brings.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Hey Mike,

My assessment is that Philly is so insecure in herself that she is greatful to just have a man in her life, even if he's overseas and banging other chicks, which are two huge red flags.

With that said, I think that she is surprised that you aren't a casual sex type of person, because she is jaded. She probably expects all men out there to be dogs like her part time boy toy.

Also.... just because you just told her that you don't want casual sex doesn't mean that she may not try something with you. Who knows, she may take it as a challenge. She may think that if she can get a piece of you, that you would be serious about her.

Good luck. Also, please do tell us what happened to your BFF Inverse. Inquiring minds aka Yours Truly would like to know. :)


Senorita sais what I was thinking...the only kind of woman I know that would accept a man under those circimstances are those with low self esteem *not counting those who choose this lifestyle on purpose of course*

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