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Sane Friends

All Gone

I'm trying to be grateful that I was able to pay bills off with all the money I got yesterday. However nothing is left which I'm not liking. There should be something left. Isn't that like a constitutional right, like pursuit of happiness? At the least my bill bin is empty.

I think I over did my workout this morning. My back is sore. I have a free 30 minute massage coupon that I might have to use. During lunch I stopped by my favorite Greek place. It was nice since it was after the lunch crowd had happened. French girl who works there knows me as the Meetup guy from the Singles group. She hasn't come to an event yet or signed up. However she usually asks me how they are going. Today she wanted to know when the next one was. I gave her the place and time for our Happy Hour tomorrow. We'll see if she shows up or not. I'm always back and forth on whether I want to ask her out or not. Mostly because it's like the work scenario. If I get the turn down will it be awkward or not.

Phili is still trying to sell me space in her Mail Clip advertisements. I can't tell if she's serious anymore or joking. I tell her no each time and I think it's a joke now. She's funny. When I see her in the morning and she has a skirt that is short and can't be seen she always makes a comment about it.

Phili: I look like a flasher with this outfit (Since all you could see were her bare legs under her jacket).
Me: You could make extra money that way.
Phili: I wouldn't make any money that way.

I'm not quite sure if she's saying she sucks in bed or since she has an athletic body no one would pay.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Yeah, best not to go there (as in, don't answer her on that one, don't speculate out loud). Yeow.

As for having all your bills paid but no money left over -- I'm still in the "thrilled" bit when I can get all my bills paid, to have any money left over on top of that is great! Which I do, usually, these days, but I'm really not used to that.


I used to be in your position. I would pay all my bills with like 30bucks for the rest of the month for food and gas. It sucked. Sometimes I overdrew on my bank account.

As for Phili, leave it alone. Just don't comment back, it fuels her. It sounds like she is making comments because she is fishing for compliments.

Whatever happened to Inverse ? Did she finally move out ??

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