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Sane Friends

HK on the Bay

I headed out last night to meet L who invited me to see Grant Allen Taylor play. He's 13 years old and she said had one some contest on TV like America's Got Talent show. Guitar playing the kid is great. I could listen to him play all day long. His singing still needs work and probably be better when his voice changes.
What did suck was that the show started 90 minutes later than we thought. L and I just talked while we waited. It's always weird to be asked by an ex what my future plans will be. Marriage, living places, etc. We talked about this when we were dating, but weird to bring it up again.
HK on the Bay is 2 blocks from L's house so everyone is from the neighborhood. So I met a lot of people. The funniest was Joanne (pic below) who works there, but was off. She wanted to leave early since she was working Easter brunch. Many beers later she was hammered and couldn't find her bag. I found it for her and she offered me $100 with an empty hand and told L to take care of me. LOL. I know she won't remember a thing today. I'll find out since I dropped my business card holder there and need to stop by later.
I forget that L sexualizes everything. While watching the show she starts grinding herself all up against me. After a while of that I started rethinking my position of keeping it just friends with her. However during the break and my blood returning to my brain I dropped back to my original position. L had the same thought since she didn't even want me to walk her home which is something I don't like at 2 am, but I watched her most of the way.

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