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Sane Friends


I think the Stylist is screwing me over. Actually I know she is. The last time I saw her she admitted that she really wasn't shaving the back of my neck because she had been lazy. Not something you want to inform your client about. She did do it that day and informed me that the price had gone up. When I asked her what the price was she gave me the old price.

I use to be able to almost go 3 months on a hair cut. It's been slowly creeping down to 2 months. However I got a haircut before I first went out with D and that was 3/7 and I need another haircut. While I've been friends with the Stylist I think I'm going to pony up the $2 extra dollars and go to my other friends spa. At least that comes with a shampoo and stuff.

The Landlord and I would really like a psych profile on Phili. Talking to her is like being a kid again on the playground and each person's story is getting wilder and wilder. All the stuff she says, you know can't be possibly true, but you can't tell where reality ends and fantasy begins. We both think she's a nice person, but something happened along the way and did something to her we're just not quite sure what.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I say fire your "stylist" and get a professional! I mean, really...women these days!


If your stylist looks like the woman in that bikini shot, keep her at all cost!

I get a haircut every 3 weeks from an inexpensive barber. I'm super loyal - I've been going to the same guy for almost 20 years.

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