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Sane Friends


Relaxing last night, reading one of my business books. It talked about urgency which is something my coach always talks about and something I lack most of the time. I can be impatient, but a sense of urgency is missing and I know it. One of the exercises what to take the average life expectancy and minus your age to see what you have left. I pretty much have 30 years. That didn't give me any sense of urgency, just depression. Shit! I'm way over the mid way point. So far that technique isn't working for me.

It was interesting last night. After Phili (who L calls Glenn Close) finished dinner she came upstairs and she started opening my door before she stopped and then knocked. I'll have to watch her over the next few days to make sure boundaries are in place.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
Hmmm ... Phili is opening your doors now. That really is a little too "Close" for comfort.


You can have some of my sense of urgency; I have a bit too much. I do prioritize fairly well, or I would never have been able to run large medical practices, but I do feel everything requires immediate action or attention, tomorrow's stuff should be done today if at all possible, etc.....& yes, in my personal life as well. I'll relax but first what I deem needs to be done, must be done. ~Mary


I'm in my late twenties and I feel a huge sense of urgency. Hmmm.... makes me worry if I am a bit too paranoid.

Reading about Phili is no longer fun, because this is all starting to sound disturbing. It sounds like she had a violent past, especially since she avoids talking about it. It also sounds like she has mental issues. I actually feel bad for her. I get the feeling that she has been shafted by life.

I also think your landlord has issues by renting to people like this. Men with the rescuing bug themselves tend to be disturbed.

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