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With all that's going on with Phili I've been asked many times what's my thing with crazy chicks. I forget that I've been blogging for years and many people haven't been reading that long. The thing is my Mom was nuts as was my ex wife. Dealing with crazy women is like a pacifier for me. While I'll end up with diaper rash from it, it is a comfortable place. When my ex and I broke up our marriage counselor told me that there would be no way I would go from my ex to a healthy relationship. I've lived by those words over the last 4-5 years and 60-70 women later. I can spot the craziness a mile away. It's still very attractive and probably always will. Just nowadays I have a choice if I want to enter that insane world again. It's how the Destroyer got her name. She's very attractive, active, and I know she's crazy as a loon. While I haven't seen anything super tangible, I've seen little things that set off alarms inside me. If I lived in the same space as her I would be talking about her everyday instead of Phili.

The funny thing is also how I perceive things. I'm attracted to nurturers even though I've never really dated one. I bring this up as I compare Inverse and Phili. Inverse had a very sexual body and pretty much offered to sleep with me. However knowing she just uses people didn't make her attractive to me. While Phili is unbalanced and a attractive athletic body she is also a caring person. So she is more attractive to me. Not quiet sure where I'm going with this now except that I'm starving and need food.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Like you I have very few close relationships. I can understand that. Especially with how I grew up. It's really hard to trust people sometimes.

Your counselor told you there is no way you can go from that marriage to a healthy relationship ? That is like a doctor telling someone he will never walk again and he ends up walking again.

If you really want to have a healthy relationship again, I think you are perfectly capable. You'll probably have to work a helluva lot harder than most, but I think it's possible.

I respect what the therapist is trying to say, he knows his stuff. But I don't think it's impossible for you if it's something that you really want for yourself.


Whoops Senorita. She told me I couldn't go from that relationship to a healthy one. That it would be work and a lot of steps. I forgot the last part. It played in head, but that didn't count.

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