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Sane Friends

Phili Free

When I got home tonight the Landlord told me that Phili wasn't eating dinner with us, but Inverse's daughter would be. No biggie, but when I got upstairs I saw her toothbrush was gone. Could she be gone for the weekend? When I asked the Landlord, he confirmed that she went up to see her bf (?) in DC. So I thought I was free this weekend until she called me to see if she left her hair dryer plugged in her room. It was no where to be seen. I answered questions about dinner and the such and then she was gone. Even a couple of hundred miles away and we're still talking.
It was a relaxing night. I ended up chatting with L on FB most of the night. We set up a hike for next Thursday after work. I don't remember how it came up, but she thanked me for brushing her hair while we were dating. I remember she use to fall asleep in my arms while I was doing it. I was surprised that she thanked me. I offered to do it for her anytime since I love brushing hair. She offered her driveway for me to park anytime I went down to the beach.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Nice post.

Men do not usually brush womens' hair, so you definitely score points for that.

L probably felt the hair brushing was a bonding moment and brought you closer together.

As a female, I love it when someone styles or brushes my hair.

I bet you L is thanking you now because it meant the world to her and still does.

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